A stream of voices of my long deceased great-grandfathers and great-great-grandfathers (blacksmiths as well) is echoing out of the deep well of sub consciousness. A man comes to this world with a stigma of the family handicraft deeply coded in his genes. This calling of the ancestry together with a profound interest in history was the reason for starting up a workshop in which, as I hope, the real handicraft will arise from the sludge of human disesteem and will gain its former reputation and respect.

Pavel Moc

1990 - Big Bang
A group of historic fencing called “Kutnohorsti frejiri” comes to life and out of sheer lack of weapon-makers able to fulfill our needs we meet the blacksmithing handicraft for the first time – and it captures us fully in its toils.

1990-97 - School Years
In a pertinacious yearning, such as of a small child wanting to get to know the essence of the things, we start studying all the relevant literature and in parallel we practically educate ourselves in the workshop.

1998 - Inevitable Move
Because of an increasing demand for the results of our work I leave the job of a sound engineer for the Czech Radio Broadcasting and we fully professionalize.

1998-2001 - Frantic Race
The expansion of our products to Europe and overseas. By the end of 2001 we come to a conclusion that producing more and more is not our aim, rather focusing on possibly highest authenticity of our products. We discover the Living history.

2001-2003 Catharsis
The basic production procedures are well-learnt; we start to study intensively again. This time history in general, life of a man in the past in a broader context. For we assume that next to the artistic style visible at the first sight there is also a spiritual picture of the fabrication period in every weapon, in every product. The spirit of the time leads the instrument. Basing the profound knowledge of the respective period we are able to create an identical product, which will be matching the original not only in its dimensions, but will also have a sensed, yet untouchable astral dimension.

2004-2005 New premises
We acquire a new production facility which allows us a full concretization of all our visions.

We intensify our cooperation with the distinguished specialists such as Petr Koza (SK), Gerry Embleton (CH), Masimiliano Rimini (I). The applied handicraft products are manufactured in larger extent.

2008 Production improvement
We stopped producing the existing sword types and gradually we replaced them by more sophisticated successors. The new models reflected our 12 years of experience with practical sword making, new theoretical knowledge acquired by studies and tuition by experts of international reputation (Dr.Ulrich Lehnart), remarks of fencing masters (Peter Koza, Guy Windsor etc) as well as higher production technologies. As result the appearance, materials used and features of the swords are at the most close to the historical originals, while keeping the price affordable to the wider swordsmen community.

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