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The Royal and State vocational sword-cutters and forgery workshop in Kolin would like to let you know that there was a new information www bulletin opened, where you can find more detailed, clear and modern presentations of goods manufactured in our workshop.

We especially recommend focusing on the weapons from the best of section and the news from the classical blacksmithing branch (see below).

We wish all our visitors a lot of highly aesthetical experience.

Pavel Moc, Fabrikdirektor



The 2012 News - New Fechtfeders being forged

Dear friends, customers, supporters and passers-by,

We would like to present new Feder-prototypes to you. They are currently being tested and tuned so that their full production can start in February 2012.
At the beginning we will offer 2 types - 15th and 16th century Fechtfeder. For details click here.

The following pictures were taken by our friends from Slovakia (thank you guys).

new 15th and 16th century FECHTFEDER new

federmoc01a.jpg, 3 kB federmoc10a.jpg, 3 kB federmoc05a.jpg, 3 kB federmoc03a.jpg, 3 kB federmoc04a.jpg, 3 kB federmoc06a.jpg, 3 kB federmoc07a.jpg, 3 kB federmoc08a.jpg, 3 kB
federmoc09a.jpg, 3 kB
federmoc02a.jpg, 3 kB

In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us at moc@swords.cz

With best regards, Pavel Moc, Fabrikdirektor

The 2011 News - New swords and redesign of the current production

Dear friends, customers, supporters and passers-by, we decided to conclude May 2011 in a very positive way.

Therefore we would like to introduce three brand new sword designs: Jarda 1473, Rippenschwert and Swiss Sable.

There is also one sword we stopped making 3 years ago. Due to many requests we decided to bring it back to life: Italy Estoc.

As an expression of gratitude and appreciation of your remarks and feedback on our production we also made certain improvements and slight changes to the design of the swords currently offered (Lichtenauer, Talhoffer, Viollet). This means any swords ordered from now on will bear this improved design.

Please, check all the photos below for details.

With best regards, Pavel Moc, Fabrikdirektor

JARDA 1473

jarda14731sr.jpg, 3 kB jarda14732sr.jpg, 5 kB jarda14733sr.jpg, 5 kB italyestocjardasr.jpg, 3 kB


rippenschwertsr.jpg, 3 kB


swisssabresr.jpg, 3 kB swisssabrerippenschwertsr.jpg, 3 kB


italyestoc20111sr.jpg, 3 kB italyestoc20112sr.jpg, 5 kB


lichtenauer1sr.jpg, 3 kB lichtenauer2sr.jpg, 3 kB lichtenauer3sr.jpg, 3 kB lichtenauer4sr.jpg, 3 kB


talhoffer1sr.jpg, 3 kB talhoffer2sr.jpg, 3 kB talhoffer3sr.jpg, 3 kB talhoffer4sr.jpg, 3 kB


viollet20111sr.jpg, 3 kB viollet20112sr.jpg, 3 kB viollet20113sr.jpg, 3 kB

The 2011 News - One April / May apology

Dear friends and customers! Today I would like to apologize... Due to certain inconvenience my scabbard maker goes through the April/May swords (with scabbards) deliveries will be delayed. Although he promised me to have all the scabbards finished by the previous week and subsequently I sent you the payment requests he was not able to keep his word. So the only thing I can do now is to ask you for patience and understanding. Thank you.

The above mentioned fact unfortunately implies that the May/June swords with scabbards will be delayed too.

And finally a piece of good news - the swords without scabbards are all on time.

With best regards, Pavel Moc, Fabrikdirektor

The payment conditions adjustment (2009)

Dear friends of a good craft.

We have always appreciated the mutual trust which has developed between our workshop and customers. We have never required any upfront payments and sent the swords together with only an e-mail statement saying that the weapons are on their way and the money transfer can be carried out. For long years, with a few minor exceptions only, this relationship has worked well in a mutually satisfactory manner. It was based on reciprocal trust and one’s word of honour – qualities that belong to the personality of a good swordsman.

Nevertheless during the last few months we had to face an enormous increase of customers who somehow “forgot” to pay. The situation has reached such a level that despite of the rising number of orders we often get into serious trouble (sadly not due to our fault) and are not able to perform our financial obligations.

We are therefore forced to adjust the payment conditions.

• All the payments and after payments will have to be on our account before the parcel consignation.

• All the customers will receive an e-mail note saying that the order is ready to be shipped. On receipt of the agreed amount (or on receipt of payment confirmation from your bank/e-banking system by e-mail) we will immediately ship the parcel.

Once more I have to claim how sorry I am for the disappearing mutual trust and that we have to take those precautionary measures.

We would like to thank all our existing customers and we hope that you will still favour our work.

With best regards, Pavel Moc, Fabrikdirektor

There are many honorable mentions at our disposal.